Reza needs your Help

Reza needs your help to complete his journey across the Atlantic Ocean, a remarkable expedition from Florida to the United Kingdom aboard his ingenious sea wheel. This daring adventure marks a historic first in human history, an incredible feat that blends excitement with the inherent dangers of the open ocean. Reza's live videos have been capturing the breathtaking moments of his voyage, showcasing the sheer determination and innovation behind his sea wheel's design.

However, such an ambitious endeavor comes with its challenges and financial demands. As Reza continues to navigate the vast and unpredictable waters of the Atlantic, he is reaching out to fellow adventurers, supporters of innovation, and lovers of the extraordinary to lend a helping hand. Your contribution can make a significant difference, ensuring that Reza's groundbreaking journey reaches its triumphant conclusion. By supporting him, you become a vital part of this historic achievement, transforming his dream into a reality that inspires generations to come. Join us in supporting Reza as he embarks on this daring odyssey, pushing the boundaries of human capability and reminding us all of the incredible possibilities that lie beyond the horizon.